uchi clothing co

uchi: Japanese word for “home” and “family”.

uchi doesn’t do collections, they make ‘albums’ and each design is a track. Like the old-school tune that still sounds good today,  every uchi T shirt is a classic that you’ll never tire of wearing.
Eventually, you may get one or two scratches on it, but only because you’ve played it too much!


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uchi clothing co.

Knitted Lemon

Knitted Lemon Studios

Knitted Lemon is all about beautiful design inspired by a love of vintage style.
Their eclectic range of cute and colourful art prints and wedding stationery is inspired by a love of vintage design.

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Knitted Lemon Studio.

Mild West Heroes

Mild West Heroes is a small Bristol based print and design group, specialising in unique and ethically produced hand-printed t-shirts.

The idea was born 9 years ago on a bank holiday weekend, when Mark and Jude Lawson were sitting in their caravan looking out over beautiful Cornish countryside. They decided to print t-shirts that would promote only West Country artists and have a set-up that would be green and fair for all – the artists, the printer, the t-shirt manufacturer and the cotton grower. All of their artists earn a commission on each sale and retain the rights to their designs.

They print all of the designs themselves using the best water-based inks. T-shirts are all ethically sourced, carrying the Fair Wear Foundation certification (which is very similar to Fairtrade but dedicated to the needs of the garment industry.) plus they use organic/low carbon cotton and bamboo/organic cotton mix tees.

Check out their complete collection of men and women’s T shirts here:
Mild West Heroes.



Check out the complete range of Spam: Spam clothing.

IX T-shirts

What is the fixed point of the wind?

What is the fixed point of the wind?

Spiral denim blue Tshirt by IX

… and more!

Check out their complete collection of men and women’s T shirts here:
Number Nine T shirts.