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uchi clothing co

uchi clothing co

uchi: Japanese word for “home” and “family”.

uchi doesn’t do collections, they make ‘albums’ and each design is a track. Like the old-school tune that still sounds good today,  every uchi T shirt is a classic that you’ll never tire of wearing.
Eventually, you may get one or two scratches on it, but only because you’ve played it too much!

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IX T-shirts

What is the fixed point of the wind?

What is the fixed point of the wind?

Spiral denim blue Tshirt by IX

fair-and-funky-logoFair and Funky Skirts

Fair and Funky skirts is all about uniqueness, creativity and fun.

Fair and Funky Skirts

The home of the original funky four-sided reversible skirt! We stock the largest range of Zand Amsterdam skirts in the UK, including Victoria, the amazing six-sided skirt!

Fair and Funky Skirts OVER HERE at St Nicholas Markets


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